Our talented staff of television professionals works to develop scripts and storyboards based on the requirements and objectives provided by our customers. The men and women who comprise our core staff are capable of producing television content in Dari and Pashto, as well as English. TriVision understands the importance of each stage of production and employs creative teams whose specialties are particular to each.

Our preproduction team works with clients to create scripts, storyboard the scenes and hire the cast for the production. When all of the elements of this stage are complete the production team takes over and handles the specifics of shooting the material. Using the latest sound, lighting and video recording equipment we then creatively capture the material in a manner that best conveys the intended message. When the production phase is complete our post production team steps in and proceeds to finish the project. TriVision uses the latest and most advanced non-linear digital editing systems for all of the audio, visual and animation needs of the projects to ensure that the work is of the highest possible quality. Once complete and reviewed by our project manager the product is then shown to the client.

TriVision Advertising has established working relationships with the major television networks in Afghanistan. We are capable of creating and producing the following types of television productions:

  • Ads / Commercials
  • Programs
  • Interviews
  • Training Videos
  • Marketing Videos
  • Documentaries






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