Billboards are one of the most effective forms of advertising. TriVision can create billboards based on the needs or objectives of any project. Our local production facility in Kabul allows for the fast production and dissemination of billboards throughout Afghanistan. Our structural design for billboards is modular which makes for easy transportation and installation. In addition to manufacturing and designing billboards TriVision also provides installation services and monthly monitoring and maintenance once the billboard is erected.

TriVision's billboards are made from high quality materials that will maintain their color and will not fade due to exposure to the sun or rain. TriVision can manufacture single or double-sided billboards as small as 1m x 2m and as large as 20m x 20m. In addition we also offer billboards that are visible during the day or at night, by being either front-lit or back-lit. Currently we are in the process of introducing LED Digital Video Billboards to Afghanistan for the first time.





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